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Book 7 in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series

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It is spring in the Silicon Valley. Jason Hunter is continuing his crusade against predators and those who would abuse children. Through his Whatever Foundation, Jason develops a new tool for kids called Jason’s Network. It is an online resource for kids to help them fight against abuse and predators. It provides a way for kids to report suspected abuse without having to make a formal accusation and to distribute information if a kid goes missing. Jason enlists Daniel and his band, the Second Chance All Stars to help spread the word through a series of school assemblies.

whatever foundation

A Whatever Foundation Board Meeting.

The main thing looming in Daniel’s life is the upcoming six city concert tour in June with the Biloxi Brothers. This is the band’s first major break as performers. They are dedicating every spare moment to composing, rehearsing and recording original music that will define the sound of the band. Jason is actively involved with the band as the Webmaster for their band website. He too is looking forward to the band tour. Jason’s relationship with Laura has never been better; they both are quite comfortable with their going steady status. Daniel and Dianna are getting along great also. Her main concern is with all of Daniel’s female fans.

Daniel and his band

Daniel with his band.

The two amateur detectives have nothing currently on their schedules other than schoolwork and the preparation for the band tour. But cases somehow continue to come their way. During a spring break trip to the Sierras with their families, Jason and Daniel end up helping in the search for two kids who go missing. The case ends up having disturbing ramifications that makes Jason even more determined to get his network for kids launched.

Jason and Daniel

Jason and Daniel working on the band website.

Meanwhile, an old enemy plans and finances a plot for revenge against Jason. The old adage “No good deed goes unpunished” comes into play for the unsuspecting Jason. He has no idea that his life will suddenly be plunged into turmoil that will create a life crisis for him, his family, and friends. Will Jason’s run of successful cases and interventions to help other teenagers come to a sudden and tragic end?

Jason and Laura

Jason and Laura at Merriam High School.

Jason’s Network is Book 7 in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series. Don’t miss the excitement and action as Jason and Daniel deal with one of their biggest crises yet as detectives and as they experience the world of large scale concert performances for the first time.

Like the other books in the series, Jason’s Network is a full formed novel with many interesting characters and plot twists that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat! The pdf edition is exactly like a hard cover book. This editions has a unique graphic design by Steven Wolowitz and 43 full color illustrations by Ricardo Carmona. There is a comic teaser above that introduces Jason’s Network.

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