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Book 4 in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series

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School is out, but the lazy carefree days of summer are soon filled with more adventures for the Hunter & Holmes detective team. Jason and Daniel have a very unusual and unexpected meeting with Enrico Feraducci, a Mafia godfather who has a special request for them. Jason and Daniel travel with Joe Connor to southern California to try and broker a reconciliation for him with his estranged daughter and grandchildren. Daniel begins rehearsing with Eric and Tim as they work on creating their own sound and start searching for other musicians to join their band.

jason and enrico ferraducci

Jason at Mr. Ferraducci's mansion.

Although Daniel is initially opposed, he and Jason go hear a recital by Nicolo Feraducci, very talented and gifted young pianist. After the performance, they meet and make friends with him. When Nick hears about Daniel's band, he wants to audition for it. But Nick has some serious issues in his life. Recently he has been threatened and attacked by a mysterious stranger who somehow is able to enter his house at will. Jason and Daniel are determined to help Nick and protect him from further attacks. Nick is Enrico's grandson, but Caterina, his widowed mother has shut off nearly all contact with Nick's grandfather, because of his illegal activities.

Daniel's band

Nick is jamming with Daniel's band while Jason listens.

Captain Garcia leads a task force to try and solve a string of missing children cases in the town of San Matthias. Soon Jason and Daniel become involved in the investigation. Jason's relationship with Laura and Daniel's relationship with Diana have major developments. Many of their mutual friends, Eric, Rebecca, Timothy, Teresa, Chauncey Jackson and the A List basketball team have interesting changes in their lives. All these things and more are in Family Matters, the fourth book in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series.

the task force

Daniel, Jason, and Captain Garcia try to help Nick figure out who is attacking him.

Just like the other books in the series, Family Matters is a full formed novel with many interesting characters and plot twists that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat! The pdf edition is exactly like a hard cover book. All editions have a unique graphic layout by Kurt Eberhardt and 43 full color illustrations by Ricardo Carmona. There is a comic teaser above that introduces Family Matters.

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There are pdf, epub, and mobi editions of Family Matters, the fourth book in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series. Touch or click on the icon below to order an e-book edition of Family Matters for your device.

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