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Book 6 in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series

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Days of Destiny begins in San Francisco. Richard Liu, Jason’s friend and neighbor, is taking Jason and Daniel up to Chinatown to see the spectacular night time New Year’s parade, preceded by a fabulous dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant owned by his Aunt Mai. On the way to see the parade, the three take a shortcut through a building where they discover Jian-heng Chen, an eight-year-old Chinese boy, left locked in a closet by human traffickers who have also enslaved the boy’s older sisters. With the assistance of Richard’s translation, Jason and Daniel learn how the orphaned boy is bravely seeking a new life in America.

in Chinatown

Daniel, Jason, and Richard in Chinatown.

Determined to help Jian-heng out and rescue his sisters, they bring the boy back to the Silicon Valley where he is taken in by the Liu family. But Jason and Daniel have a lot more to deal with besides tracking down the traffickers. Daniel and his band are working on their demo CD, trying to create a complete album of original songs to present to some promoters who have taken an interest in the band since their performance of Nick Feraducci’s Requiem for the Lost Children last fall.

talking with Jian-heng

Jason, Daniel and Richard talk with Jian-heng.

Jason is very involved with the Merriam High School varsity basketball team which is headed to the district and regional playoffs. Will Jason, Chauncey Jackson, and the other team members be able to handle the demands from their coach, fellow students, and the scrutiny of the outside media? Chauncey, already in the eye of college recruiters, is put under unforeseen extra pressure. Plus Jason’s relationship with Laura and Daniel’s romance with Diana are taking on new dimensions. To add further complications, the boys investigate a quite upsetting sexting scandal that breaks open at a Merriam High School dance.

valentines day

Valentines Day.

Eventually the boys are able to refocus on Jian-heng’s case. The search for his two missing sisters and the men who have enslaved them is on. Jason and Daniel use all of the skills at their disposal but is it too late to save Jian-heng’s sisters? Join Jason, Daniel, and their friends as they face Days of Destiny, the sixth book in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series.

Jason and Chauncey

Jason and Chauncey deal with a tough problem.

Just like the other books in the series, Days of Destiny is a full formed novel with many interesting characters and plot twists that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat! The pdf edition is exactly like a hard cover book. All editions have a unique graphic layout by Irina Peshina and 43 full color illustrations by Ricardo Carmona. There is a comic teaser above that introduces Days of Destiny.

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There are pdf, epub, and mobi editions of Days of Destiny, the sixth book in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series. Touch or click on the icon below to get an e-book edition of Days of Destiny for your device.

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