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Senior Year, Part 1

A Hunter & Holmes Graphic Mystery
Senior Year Part 1 is the ninth mystery in the Hunter & Holmes series.
The Senior Year mysteries are being released as full color graphic novels.

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a Hunter & Holmes Graphic Mystery now available for your computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, or book reader.

In Senior Year, Part 1, Jason Hunter and Daniel Holmes have just begun the first semester of their senior year at Merriam High School in the Silicon Valley. They are both looking forward to enjoying this important time in their lives with their steady girl friends Laura Friesen and Diana Miglione. Additionally Jason is a member of the school’s basketball team who will be defending their northern California championship, while Daniel and the other members of his band, Eric, Tim, Nick, and Jonathan are working on their second CD and developing a relationship with Rowan Holt of the BMA Entertainment Agency. The last thing they needed was a new mystery to work on, but when Anthony Briseño, one of the trumpet players in the school jazz band goes missing, Daniel and Jason feel compelled to act. Did Anthony run away from home or were there more sinister reasons behind his disappearance? Captain Garcia and the Silicon Valley Police quickly step in to investigate and later the FBI becomes involved. Jason, Daniel, and the authorities soon discover that family ties are an important factor in what happened to Anthony.

Later, a second case comes up during a cheating scandal at school, when fingers are pointed at several of the basketball players. Jason acts to preserve the honor of his teammates and ferret out the cheaters. A third challenge comes from the appearance of a small boy, Eloy Sanchez, found alone at a fast food restaurant. Eloy’s family has apparently been victimized by human traffickers, forced to work long hours in a sweatshop packaging cosmetics. Eloy stowed away in their delivery truck to get help for his parents, but doesn’t speak English and doesn’t know where he and his parents have been staying. Two Merriam High School girls notice Eloy and contact Jason’s Network. After Jason is notified about Eloy, he brings along Mariano Rodrigo, Jason’s basketball teammate, to translate and enlist his family to watch over Eloy. Word of their intervention with Eloy quickly spreads around campus. Now Jason and Daniel must get to work, with everyone expecting them to solve the case, bring down the traffickers, and reunite Eloy with his parents. Then Jason, Daniel, and their friends can get back to enjoying their Senior Year.

There are pdf, epub, and mobi editions of Senior Year, Part 1, the ninth book and first graphic novel in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series. Order the pdf edition for desktop or laptop computers or large tablet devices. The pdf version has four panels on a typical page, as you see in the preview. Order the epub version for your cell phone, Nook or Kobo book reader, or smaller tablet. This edition has one or two panels per page, making it easy to view and read the captions on a small screen. Order the mobi edition for your Kindle reader. Touch or click on the icon below to get an e-book edition of Senior Year, Part 1 for your device.

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